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Shelter Air


Collectively having 60 years experience in the air conditioning industry we noted that there was a complete absence of an appropriate purpose designed cooling equipment servicing the small Facilities in the telecommunications and electronic industry. Austalia’s supplier of World leading Technology used specifically to cool electronic and communication equipment shelters.

 Shelter Air researches global trends ad sources he products most suited to the stringent requirements of Australia’s electronic shelters.

 We Provide air conditioning systems that:
  •  Are specifically designed for the application
  • Cool over a wide range of ambient temperatures (-20 to +54c).
  • Are designed to cater for the high sensible heat loads found in these shelters.
  • Offer the controls and safeties not found in residential or most commercial equipment to support the high dollar environment of a telecom site.
  • Offer the opportuinity for considerable energy savings.
  • Are easy to install and service.
 We are proud to supply and showcase the excellent features of the Marvair range of electronic and communication facility cooling equipment.

 Over 200,000 air conditioners, ECU’s, and controllers installed and operated globally.

Leader in the U.S.A with 65% market share.